Many of my customers have expressed frustration in their own computer knowledge, so I am now offering one-on-one (or more than one) tutoring tailored to what you want to learn.

Once you let me know what you want to learn, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, photo editing, video editing, etc, I would design a simple lesson plan around you and we would schedule two (2) sessions in the office, roughly an hour each.  Everyone has different interests and intents for using their computer, so I don’t feel that general classes are that much of a benefit.  I would rather you leave knowing that you have knowledge that will benefit you in a way that is meaningful. I have a unique method of teaching that will challenge you to do more rather than take a lot of notes that won’t be meaningful later.  In fact, in many cases, I discourage taking notes unless for very specific tasks.  This is where many users get lost with computers.  There are many ways to do things, some intuitive and some not.  Notes lock you into one method, and I would rather teach you how to work with all the various paths rather than try to “program” you to just one way.

To get more information about a tutoring session, please call 704-516-4282 and discuss with me the things you want to learn.

Disclaimer:  I am not an accredited or certified trainer although I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows XP), so this will not count toward your resume or schoolwork.  I simply know how to teach you what you want to learn in a way that will personally benefit you.